Fab Idea to keep the kids entertained over the summer

30 Jul

Ladies, as you probably are all aware the kids summer holidays can be some what of a nightmare when it comes to trying to think of ways to entertain them.

Well never fear, how about this for an idea……

The dressing-up-clothes box
Have you got one? No home should be without it! Into this must go an assortment of dreadful, knitted jumpers, bell bottom trousers and other items of serious glam from the seventies. Even your eighties power dressing, shoulder padded jackets will have your millennium prepubescent in stitches. Woolly hats, laddered tights, and (oh joy of joy) discarded wigs, men’s jackets and even old underpants are gloated over. Junk jewellery, bad hats, and every silly item you’ve ever bought and then regretted will live a new life in that box. Hours and hours of fun can be had, and unless there is a shortage of hairpieces even the most bad tempered of sibling relationships can be sweetened by time spent rummaging, and dressing up.

For more fantastic ideas check out this fantastic website we’ve come across: http://bit.ly/QZa3SS

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